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1/24/14 TrainingPeaks Device Agent v3.0 (b92) updates available for PC and Mac, download here.

  • Fixed issue with Timex Run Trainer 2.0 where the firmware update stops at 90% complete
  • Added Garmin 220 and 620 to the device list


12/05/13 TrainingPeaks Device Agent v3.0 (b91) updates available for PC and Mac, download here.

  • Updated branding to match the new TrainingPeaks.com
  • Updated .FIT file parser for lap swim workouts using a 910XT
  • Fixed font size issues on OSX Mavericks


11/06/13 TrainingPeaks Device Agent v3.0 (b90) updates available for PC and Mac, download here.

  • Added support for WKO 4.0
  • Added the ablity to merge multiple workouts
  • Added support for the o-synce navi2coach
  • Added support for recent Timex Run Trainer 2.0 major firmware update
  • No longer parse the user's weight from a PowerTap Joule
  • Fixed issue when importing Computrainer files with distance in kilometers
  • Fixed issue with SRM file parser where workout date/time was wrong


5/16/13 TrainingPeaks Device Agent v3.0 (b88) updates available for PC and Mac, download here.

  • Added Joule 1.0/GPS
  • Added Polar HRM GPX merge
  • Added GPX parser
  • Added Garmin Fenix to the dropdown list
  • Fixed issue with SRM file parser
  • Fixed workout duration for 910XT pool swims
  • Fixed issue with 910XT multi-sport workouts that begin with a pool swim
  • Fixed issue with laps not being correct for Timex Global Trainer multi-sport workouts


3/11/2013 - Timex Run Trainer 2.0 Support added and Device Agent 3.0(b85) updates available

2/6/2013 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20130206

  • Print view enhancements: Filter and print by meal types
  • Improved speed channel data, especially after cutting segments or editing data in the file viewer
  • Improved Postworkout Notification email:“Reply to this comment” opens edit view of workout where comments can be added and will be recorded 
  • Plan attachment files now viewable in the plan store
  • New coaches now appear on the Coach Directory map
  • Added the ability to un-apply the welcome plan in new accounts
  • Enhanced support for Garmin Edge510 and Edge810 direct uploads

1/15/2013 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20130114

  • Added Bulk Download Files feature for both Premium and Basic subscription levels
  • Improved database search functionality by ignoring capital letters
  • Added Skin Fold Metric
  • Clarified energy vs calories vs work in Quick View
  • Improved Efficiency Factor calculation for Walk and Run
  • Resolved following issues:
    • error upon saving newly create route
    • fitness history chart not updating
    • Post-workout notification checkmarks for coaches coming unchecked intermittently
    • log out button not present on Android devices for www.TrainingPeaks.com/m

12/13/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20121212

11/15/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120815

  • Steps added as available metric
  • Improved Post Workout Notification emails to
    • contain planned IF, speed, pace and calories if there are values
    • contain completed TSS, IF, energy, elevation gain, speed, pace, and calories if they are displayed in the Quick View and if there are values
    • not contain line items for stats without values
  • Resolved multiple www.TrainingPeak.com/m issues
  • Added Planned TSS, IF, Energy, Pace, Gain, Calories, and Speed to Routines and Exercises in the Workout Library
  • Added functionality to roll up all planned/completed stats from structured instructions to top level workout stats
  • Added all planned/completed stats for a workout to /m
    • stats are displayed based on that user’s account settings for the given sport type
  • Changed PMC to use Planned TSS for Today, instead of Completed TSS
  • Fixed Planned Calories and Planned KJ’s not showing in the Weekly Summary

9/15/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20121110

  • Added Steps as available metric
  • Improved Post Workout Notifications with the following:
    • added planned IF, speed, pace and calories if there are values
    • added completed TSS, IF, energy, elevation gain, speed, pace and calories if there are values
    • line items with out planned or complete values will not display
  • Resolved several www.TrainingPeaks.com/m issues

9/06/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120906

Improved PMC to treat Today as the present while honoring both Planned and Actual TSS on today

6/13/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120613

  • Peak Pace by Distance Charts(currently only calculated for sport type run and walk)
  • Mobile app and TrainingPeaks.com/m contain link to Public Activity Viewer in workouts
  • Public Activity Viewer now uses HTML5 version in all scenarios
  • Summary tab of Quick View expands/collapses for Exercises & Intervals if they exist
  • Improved the usability of Sturctured Workouts
  • Improved Workout Search feature to save and configure searches
  • Dashboard View
    • Last configuration remembered between log-ins
    • Added custom date range through today
  • File Viewer last configuration remembered between log-ins

5/09/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120510

  • New version of Public File Viewer (HTML based)
    • To access the new Activity File Viewer, open a publicly shared file from a mobile phone or tablet, or from a web browser without Adobe Flash Player installed. If Flash Player is installed, the Flash based Public File Viewer will display.
  • Comments:
    • Post activity comments are time stamped with name, and notification emails are sent to athletes and coaches (premium clients only)
  • Reports, Map and Graph:
    • Edit button opens Quick View for editing, Stats Chart removed with stats moving into Summary Chart
  • Charts and Chart Menus:
    • Gear icons added to Charts to access Options
    • Click off chart menu pull down to close add a chart menu
    • Distance by Week/Day and Duration by Week/Day dashboard charts renamed, no longer say “Training”
  • New Metrics:
    • water % and muscle mass; manual entry only
  • All Planned fields in workout templates are now in Workout Library
  • List view settings moved to Calendar and Layout section in Account Settings
  • Corrected issue where Planned TSS was not displaying properly in Daily Workout Notification emails

4/05/2012 TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120410

  • Redesigned adding a Workout, Meal, or Metric to the Weeks and List views of the Calendar
  • Overhauled the design of the Calendar Quick View
    • Options menu is moved to the bottom of the Quick View
    • Title moved to the top line of the Quick View
    • Delete button added next to Options and Apply
  • Workout Quick View:
    • Upload Device File, Map & Graph, and Reports are all now at the top of the Quick View
    • Stats tab has been removed as an option, all stats are now available from the Summary tab
    • Summary tab stats are now customizable by sport type
    • Added the option to apply a route from the My Routes Library to a workout via a drop down menu on the Summary tab of the Workout Quick View
    • Added the option to perform Elevation Correction on an uploaded device file with GPS data, directly from the device file upload tray in the Workout Quick View (there is no correction preview from this location)
  • Added Planned TSS, Planned IF, Planned Energy, Planned Pace, Planned Calories, and Planned Elevation Gain as an available stats for workouts
    • Available from the Workout Quick View for workouts
    • Available as a Calendar Weeks View label
    • Available as a Week Summary display option in the Calendar Weeks View
  • Improved the Performance Management Chart (PMC) Dashboard Chart by changing the calculations for CTL/ATL/TSB for dates in the future so that they are all based on Planned TSS
    • Added future date ranges as available options for the PMC date range selector
    • CTL/ATL/TSB are now displayed as a dashed line for dates in the future on the PMC
  • Added Sugar as an available display option for Week Summary in the Calendar Weeks View
  • Added Paypal as a payment option for athlete premium subscriptions
  • Consolidated purchasing workflows into one location, for both plans and subscriptions, which launches a new browser tab for completing the purchase
  • Improved compatibility with 910XT swim files
  • Improved Fitness History Chart
    • Added sport type selection for 'All'
    • Now uses end date of Dashboard global date picker for the chart's end date
  • Added markers showing Average X versus Average Y for the File Viewer Graph Scatter Plot
  • Updated the display order for the Calendar Weeks View so that all calendar items are listed chronologically by start time


3/19/2012 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b74) Mac and PC updates available, download here
  • Misc Resolved Issues


3/01/2012 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120223

  • Misc Resolved Server Side Issues

2/23/2012 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b73) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Added support for the Magellan Switch
  • Added support for the Magellan Switch Up
  • Added support for SRM’s .srm binary file format (now users can drag and drop import .srm files into Device Agent)
  • Added support for the Timex Cycle Trainer
  • Added support for the Lemond G-force
  • Added support for the Lemond Power Pilot
  • Misc resolved issues

2/23/2012 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120223

  • Misc Resolved Issues

2/15/2012 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120215

  • New Feature
    • New Dashboard Chart: Weather Chart, shows current weather, conditions, and forecast
    • New Dashboard Chart: Fitness History, shows an overview of accumulated fitness data for the last 4 weeks and the last 13 months
    • Added Calculation for VAM (Velocity Ascended, Meters per hour) in the Graph Summary
    • Added Calculation for w/kg derived from VAM
    • Added the ability to Add, Name, Rename, and Remove segments within the File Viewer Graph
    • Added support for file uploading of RowPro .csv files
    • Added follow road via bicycle option for route creation, utilizing Google Maps bicycle routing API function
    • Added Open Street Maps as a secondary map provider
    • Added Sugar data to Food and Meal information
  • Improvement
    • The Quick View is no longer dismissed when the Reports, Map and Graph is opened, which results in the Quick View remaining open when the Reports, Map and Graph is closed
    • Reports, Map and Graph view for Workouts is now Read Only
    • More Details view for Meals is now Read Only
  • Misc Resolved Issues

01/12/2012 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b70) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 70
    • Misc resolved issues

01/11/2012 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20120111

  • New Feature:
    • Added TSS/IF/NGP/EF for runs in file viewer graph summary
    • Added left/right power distribution to the file viewer graph summary
    • Added elevation gain and loss by sport to calendar week summary
    • Added planned and completed calories to calendar week summary
  • Improvements:
    • Now sending workout attachments (pdf’s, xls’s, doc’s, etc) with Daily Emails
    • Route Details tray now opens when viewing a route and "Stop Editing" is enabled
    • Updated the USDA food database to the latest version
    • Uploads of device files with a date stamp prior to 1995, or 365 days farther in future than current date, will now be refused. The upload of a file with a date outside this range will still work if uploaded directly from the Quick View of a planned workout.
    • The Workout Detailed View Map & Graph is now full screen
  • Misc resolved issues, including:
    • Connect to Facebook now works again for users who had not previously connected

01/10/2012 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b69) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 69
    • Resolved issue with downloading Garmin Edge 500, Edge 800, and Forerunner 610

01/09/2012 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b68) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 68
    • Added support for importing gzipped(.gz) files
    • Added support for Left/Right power data from .fit files
    • Resolved issue with downloading of Garmin 305 devices, where not all data was downloading when device memory was full
    • Misc resolved issues

12/08/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20111208

11/22/2011 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b67) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 67
    • Misc Resolved issues

11/18/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20111118

  • Misc Resolved Issues, Including:
    • Performance improvements

11/10/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20111110

  • New Features:
    • Added additional sleep metrics to TrainingPeaks Mobile
    • Added Zeo ZQ score to Metrics (more info on Zeo can be found at http://www.myzeo.com)
    • Added a Pace threshold line on the Graph for Pace zones
    • Added Kilojoules (KJ’s) to Week Summary on Calendar
    • Added Total Distance to Week Summary on Calendar
    • Added compatibility for Foundation Fitness Stages indoor spin bike data file uploads
    • Added a link to Device Agent download page from the workout Quick View
  • Improvements:
    • Removed main high level tabs (Calendar/Spreadsheet/Dashboard)
    • Added Calendar button to left hand control panel
    • Added Dashboard to left hand control panel
    • Added Spreadsheet to Calendar as a List view
    • Renamed My Settings to Account Settings
    • Removed Spreadsheet as a default option in Account Settings, migrated all users that had that set to Calendar>List
    • Deprecated Calendar Week view
    • Removed Week View as a default option in Account Settings, migrated all users that had that set to Weeks>1 week
    • Renamed Calendar Month view to be Weeks view
    • Changed Print button from text to an icon
    • Updated the Calendar date browsing arrows
    • Reordered the left hand control panel buttons
    • Collapsed Workout, Meal, and Food libraries into a new Calendar sub-menu
    • Added text labels to each left hand control button
    • Added dynamically re-size of left hand control panel buttons for improved usability on small screens
    • Removed the >> at the top of the left hand control panel, added X to upper right of expanded library to close
    • Moved Store from left hand control panel to link in upper right corner of account
    • Consolidated the two different TrainingPeaks stores into one, now allowing the purchase of Libraries from home.trainingpeaks.com
    • Renamed Pods to be Charts
    • Moved Chart Libraries from left hand control panel to each of their contextually appropriate locations
    • Combined My Settings, Messages, Languages, and Log out to one menu in the upper right corner
    • Added text to left hand empty tray when on Calendar
    • Added text to left hand empty tray when on Dashboard
    • Updated font across the app
    • Changed Temperature in Stats tab of QV to a Min/Max/Avg stat
    • Changed left hand control panel behavior for ATP, and Search. Now returns to Calendar on close, and now closes left hand tray if main content well is closed.
    • Updated Dashboard "View" menu
    • On open of Virtual Coach, Calendar now auto-opens
    • Improved formatting of the Week Summary “More >>” report
    • We now hide the Planned column in the Week Summary if there is no planned data for the week
    • Elevation shading on graph, now correctly fills in elevation profile for negative elevations
    • Renamed Total Duration in the Week Summary to Total Time
  • Misc Resolved Issues

10/28/2011 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b66) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 66
    • Resolved issue with Timex Run Trainer elevation readings below sea level

10/24/2011 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b65) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 65
    • Added support for Timex Run Trainer

10/12/2011 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b64) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 64
    • Added support for Garmin Forerunner 910xt
    • Fixed issue with SRM and Powertap device drivers with Device Agent on Mac OSX
    • Misc resolved issues

10/12/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20111012

  • Misc. Resolved Issues, Including:
    • Speed calculation issues
    • Pace calculation issues

9/21/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20110921

  • Improvements:
    • Improved Time in Speed Zones Calculations
  • Misc. Resolved Issues, Including:
    • File upload issues
    • File viewer issues

8/29/2011 - TrainingPeaks Build 3.0.20110829

  • New Features:
    • Added option to sort by workout code to the workout library of Coach Edition users
    • Added ability to search by workout code in the workout library of Coach Edition users
    • Added the following metrics:
      • SPo2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation, enter as a percentage)
      • Mood (3 point slider)
      • Yesterday’s Training (4 point slider)
      • Restwise Score (10 point slider, ranging from 0-100 in increments of 10). For more information on Restwise, please see http://www.restwise.com
  • Improvements:
    • Changed from Mapquest to Google Maps for TrainingPeaks map provider
    • Changed distance and duration labels text from Actual to Completed
    • Added a More Details / Fewer Details link to the top of the Workout Library list
    • Calendar month view changes, including:
      • added ‘+’ button to each day on roll over, click to add workouts, meals and metrics
      • added options menu to each day and week summary on roll over
      • weekly goals is now accessed from the link in each week summary
      • move a week via drag and drop by clicking and dragging the grabby icon in each week summary
      • move a day via drag and drop by clicking and dragging the white space between that day’s options menu and that day’s date
      • select a week by clicking that week’s summary
      • select a day by clicking that day on the calendar
      • hover on 'more >>' link in lower right of week summary to get the entire week’s summary in a popup window (move your mouse off of the link to close the popup window)
      • auto-open multi-select options menu when multi-selecting days or weeks (by holding the shift key or command/control key when selecting)
      • changed Refresh button at top of Calendar to an icon instead of text
      • hover on a day’s date to get a summary of all activity on that day
      • Dashboard date range now initially set to what is selected on Calendar
      • bulk hide/un-hide lock/un-lock for Coach Edition users now accessed by multi-selecting a range of days. A quick help video on this can be found here
    • Improved the tooltip in the Performance Management Chart to show CTL/ATL/TSB for a given date all at the same time
    • Updated the Calendar / Dashboard split view so that it can be accessed by clicking the new bar chart icon in the upper right corner of the Calendar
    • Renamed "Mean Max", "Critical", and "Bests" features to "Peak"
  • Misc Resolved Issues

8/3/2011 - TrainingPeaks iPhone App update, version 2.0, download here


8/3/2011 - Device Agent Build 3.0 (b57) Mac and PC updates available, download here


  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 57
    • Added support for Garmin Forerunner 610xt
    • Added support for Freemotion Fitness indoor cycling bike console
    • Fixed issue where uploading to TrainingPeaks.com would fail while running Device Agent on Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)
    • Updated Timex Global Trainer device compatibiity to support latest firmware from Timex


7/13/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110713


  • New Features:
    • Added Training Stress Score, Intensity Factor, Normalized Power, Variable Index, and Kilojoules to the Summary section of the workout graph
    • Added Quadrant Analysis to Map and Graph section of workouts
    • Added colorized Heart Rate Zones, Power Zones, and Pace Zones to the graph background
  • Improvements:
    • Revamped training plan sharing to allow for coaches to directly share plan
    • Renamed the “Save” button in the Quick View to “Apply” and moved it to the left side of the “Save and Close” button
    • Deprecated Heath Vault syncing functions
  • Misc Resolved Issues

5/25/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110525

  • New Features:
    • A complete overhaul of TrainingPeaks hosted forums
    • New forum tools for Coach Edition users, including:
      • Coaches can create their own forums
      • Coaches can setup a forum to have guest access or not
      • Coaches can moderate the forums that they own
      • Coaches can create a forum for purchasers of a specific training plan
  • Improvements:
    • Client attachment and import process improvements for Coach Edition users
    • Improvements to interpolation of Garmin Smart Recorded training device data.
    • Personal Info changes in My Settings:
      • Public Profile was moved to its own tab within the Social and Sharing section of My Settings
      • Data Exports was moved to its own tab within My Settings
    • Laps and splits pod now has two distinct columns for speed and pace.
  • Misc Resolved Issues, including:
    • Metrics now show on the calendar week view
    • Split Calendar view is now remembered between sessions (last layout used is reloaded on next login)
    • General user interface improvements


4/21/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110421

    • New Features:
      • Plan sharing was overhauled, allowing the share recipient to view the plan, clone the plan, and edit the plan. Edits made by the share recipient will also change the author's original plan.
    • Improvements:
      • We split the "reports, map & graph" button in the quick view window into two buttons
      • Added the ability to move a workout template between workout libraries
      • Upgrade to premium prompts were improved
      • File viewer was revamped:
        • Bests/Laps/Summary moved from left to right side
        • Can change what content loads into split window views
        • Added a four split view
        • Improved styling
    • Resolved Issues:
      • Misc issues resolved
Resolved Issues:
Misc resolved issues
Split the reports, map & graph button in the quick view window into two buttons
Added the ability to move a workout template between workout libraries
Upgrade to premium prompts were improved
File viewer was revamped:
Bests/Laps/Summary moved from left to right side
Can change what content loads into split window views
Added a four split view
Improved styling
New Features:
Plan sharing was overhauled to now allow the share recipient to view the plan, clone the plan, and edit the plan. Edits made by the share recipient will also change the authors original plan.


3/30/2011 - Device Agent 3.0 (b54) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 54
    • Added support for the LeMond Power Pilot
    • Misc resolved issues
    • Added ability to manual check for Device Agent updates from Help menu
    • Added ability to ignore a specific update prompt

3/24/2011 - Device Agent 3.0 (b52) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 52
    • Misc issues resolved
3/24/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110324
  • Misc resolved issues

3/22/2011 - TrainingPeaks GPS launched download here

3/16/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110316

  • New Feature
  • Improvement
    • Detailed View for Workouts, change Avg/Max Pod to a double wide, change title to Stats, and mirror fields in the QV Stats tab
    • Added sport specific selection to the options in the Mean Max pods on the Dashboard
    • Updated the process for applying a training/meal plan to the Calendar
    • Updated the display order of workout libraries to be alphabetical
    • Updated the My Settings drag and drop selection lists to be more user friendly
    • Updated Calendar Meal icons and Tab icons
  • Issue
    • Misc resolved issues, including:
      • Colorized workouts are now displaying on week view of calendar
      • Performance Management Chart pod now includes the current date in the “Last [x] days” date ranges
      • When a coach is viewing the Power Profile Pod, it now correctly uses the appropriate gender scale of the client


2/25/2010 - Device Agent 3.0 (b50) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 50
    • New Features:
      • Added support for Garmin Forerunner 210
      • Device Agent now listens for changes to the device list and automatically refreshes the ports list upon detecting a change
      • Added a new File menu to upload queued files
      • TCX files are no longer “read-only”. Also, multisport files TCX files are now broken in to separate workouts
    • Improvements:
      • Cycleops PowerBeam is now listed as a separate device in the Device list
      • Improved Racermate .3DP file handling
      • Clear button now works like the Save button, in that it only clears the workouts that are checked in the list
      • Implemented better error handling and queued file notifications
    • Misc issues including:
      • TrainingPeaks passwords with special characters now work in Device Agent
      • Several issue fixes to Ergomo file importing
      • Cycleops Joule file parser now accounts for negative elevation values
      • Garmin 305 workouts containing no data channels other than duration are now recognized by Device Agent
      • Polar .HRM files now come into Device Agent as sport type Other, as the .HRM file format does not contain information about the sport type


2/9/2011 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20110209

  • New Features:
    • Auto Share Metrics and Meals to Facebook / Twitter (enabled/disabled from My Settings)
    • New Dashboard Pod: Power Profile
    • New Metrics:
      • Height
      • BMI
      • RMR
      • BMR
      • Water Consumption
      • Menstruation
      • Urine Color
      • Hydration level
      • Appetite level
      • Motivation level
      • Injury level
      • Sickness level
      • Shoulder Circumference
      • Chest Circumference
      • Waist Circumference
      • Abdomen Circumference
      • Hips Circumference
      • Bust Circumference
      • Wrist Circumference, Left and Right
      • Bicep Circumference, Left and Right
      • Forearm Circumference, Left and Right
      • Thigh Circumference, Left and Right
      • Calf Circumference, Left and Right
      • Neck Circumference
      • Glutes Circumference
      • Torso Circumference
      • Blood Glucose
      • Insulin (Type and Units)
      • Time in deep sleep
      • Time in REM sleep
      • Time in Light sleep
      • Number of times woken up
      • Total time awake
  • Improvements:
    • Metrics configuration now in My Settings
    • Improved metric sliders
    • Metrics sort order configuration now honors user selection
    • Nutrition Calories in Calendar 8th Day Summary now displays Actual Calories Consumed and Planned Calories Consumed.
    • Improved left hand library icons
  • Issues:
    • Misc issue fixes


12/21/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20101221

  • Improvements:
    • Updated .PWX file parser to use moving time instead of total time for Duration field
  • Misc issue fixes


12/14/2010 - WKO+ v3.0 (b48) updates available, learn more

  • WKO+ v3.0, Build 48
    • Added the ability to cancel an in-progress chart update, turn off automatic chart updates, and manually start a chart update.
    • Fixed issue where certain none ASCII charactors where not accepted in user names and passwords for uploding to TrainingPeaks.com.
    • Fixed issue with duplicate workouts being downloaded from TrainingPeaks.com
    • Includes Device Agent Build 48, with combined 32-bit and 64-bit install


12/08/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20101208

  • New Features:
    • Time-stamped metrics (ie, you can now record metrics like body weight and stress levels multiple times a day), which now display on the Calendar as a main item (like workouts and meals)
  • Improvements:
    • New foods creation form now defaults to serving size of 100 grams
    • Dynamic Pace Zones now an option for building structured workouts
    • Simplified Quick View
    • Quick View now has a slider to set Start Time, allowing for quicker and easier cronological ordering of Calendar items (ie, Workouts, Meals, and Metrics)
    • Metrics now included in Print View
  • Professional Edition Specific Improvements:
    • Improved New Client form
    • Client list export to .csv
    • Changes made to default Pace/speed zone titles now stick
  • Misc issue fixes, including but not limited to:
    • Fixed ability to remove access to a Library a user shared to another user
    • TSS/IF Dashboard pod tooltip now displays IF with two decimal places
    • Several fixes for GMT offsite and international time zone related issues


11/18/2010 - Device Agent 3.0 (b48) Mac and PC updates available, download here

  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 48
    • Misc issue fixes, including:
      • Fixed erroneous Powertap intervals
      • Fixed erroneous SRM PCV intervals
      • Fixed timeout issue on comments
    • Added support for latest Powertap Joule firmware
    • Added File Menu option for View Saved Files
    • Added Kiosk Mode
    • Updated graphics


9/15/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20100915

  • Facebook Connect
    • Permanently connect to Facebook for easy workout and route sharing
    • View friends and see summary of their workouts and routes
    • Comment on your friends' Facebook wall
    • Invite friends to create an account
    • See Facebook wall comments about a workout from the QuickView
  • Twitter Sharing
    • Easily tweet your workouts with a link to our public workout viewer
    • Share routes or workouts
  • Improved Route Builder
    • Tools toolbar makes it easy to edit and change features
    • View more of the map with "hidden" tabs
    • Issue fix: Works in all browsers, including Chrome
  • Improved QuickView
    • Added a "Save" feature to compliment "Save & Close"
    • Added direct Facebook, Twitter, Email and Link sharing
    • Added "is public" checkbox
    • Added direct tab enable/disable drop-down menu system
    • View more tabs (less white-space padding) for easier reading
  • Issue fixes:
    • PMC now accurate for any date range setting
    • Elevation automatically added for uploads with lat/lon but no elev data


7/28/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20100721

  • Added ability to track TSS/IF/NP for cycling
  • Added ability to track rTSS/IF for running
  • Added ability to track sTSS for swimming
  • Added ability to track hrTSS/tTSS for any sport with heart rate data
  • Added TSS per week in Calendar Summary column
  • Added Spreadsheet Columns for TSS/IF
  • Professional Edition users can now create categories for Training Plans and Libraries
  • Professional Edition users can now rename an existing Library
  • Added ability to add and set pace zones in My Settings for all workout types (running & swimming included)
  • Added planned time and "has attached workout file" notice to post-workout notification emails sent to Professional Edition users
  • Added Time in pace zones tab on quick view
  • Added NGP to Quick View
  • New Dashboard Pods:
    • Points - TSS/IF
    • Time in Power Zones
    • Time in Power Zones by week
    • Time in Speed/Pace Zones
    • Time in Speed/Pace Zones by week
    • Mean Max Cadence
    • Mean Max Speed
    • Mean Max Pace
    • Mean Max HR
    • Performance Manager Chart
  • New Workout Details Pods:
    • Time in speed zones
    • Time in pace zones
  • Added TSS backfiller utility to re-compute TSS for historical record based on changing threshold values
  • Misc issue fixes

7/8/2010 - WKO+ v3.0 (b47) and Device Agent 3.0 (b37) updates available, learn more

  • WKO+ v3.0, Build 47
    • Added auto-notification of new updates available
    • Fixed a Calendar refresh issue
  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 37
    • Added display column for data channels contained in each device file
    • Added ability to sort display of files by different columns

6/16/2010 - WKO+ v3.0 (b46) and Device Agent 3.0 (b33) updates available, learn more

  • WKO+ v3.0, Build 46
    • Improved the performance of the calendar view, which effects the overall performance of WKO+. Searching and filtering workouts will be noticably faster.
    • Changed how QA and scatter graphs hightlight selected and "eyed" ranges
    • Added workout time to calendar
    • When downloading workouts the workout title from TrainingPeaks.com is added to WKO+'s workout description
    • When copying raw data from charts values now go to three decimal places
    • Fixed setting the default color scheme
    • Fixed scatter graph's tool-tips to show correct information when hovering over a data point
    • Cadence Distributions charts will default to bar (was pie) chart for new athletes
  • Device Agent v3.0, Build 33
    • Added CycleOps Joule support
    • Added Timex Global Trainer support
    • Added Garmin Forerunner 110 support
    • Added Racermate 3dp support
    • Added Zephyr Bioharness support

5/11/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20100511

  • Single workout print view
  • Required email validation
  • Helpful context relevant notices
  • Mobile app is now available to Basic and Premium users, some limits for Basic users (http://www.trainingpeaks.com/m)
  • ATP Print view
  • Messaging within the app (gain access to a plan/library, gain/lost access to a client, gain/lost coach, demotion from prem/basic)
  • Drastically improved performance when editing Dynamic Plans (100x speed improvement)
  • Load a training plan on 'calendar 2'
  • Improved coupon code system for training plans
  • Copy all/Clear all links on the QuickView for each text field
  • Various issue fixes
  • Many behind the scenes performance improvements, including faster copying, pasting, and saving of workouts


3/31/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com Build 3.0.20100331 See this Blog Post for more details


  • Updated QuickView to allow editing of more data without having to go to the Detailed view.
  • New tabs for the QV: HR & Power Zones, Critical Power, Stats. You can now choose which tabs you see and the order that they appear.
  • Customize the tabs on your QuickView (click Options, configure this view while on QV)
  • Improved the layout so you can see the title, type, date of the workout you are editing from any tab
  • Now allows changing of workout type
  • Uploaded files are now clickable and provides options for going directly to the graph view, recalculating workout metrics, deleting the file or downloading the file
  • Attach documents on the QV by clicking the paper-clip
  • Share workouts by email, Facebook or Twitter directly from the QV
  • Changed wording of “view all details” button to “Reports, Maps & Graphs”




  • Pre-set date range picker for reports allows for fast viewing of charts and graphs. For example “last 28 days”, “this month”, “last month”, “this year” etc.
  • Removed need for editing time in HR zones/power zones by allowing edit directly in QV

Workout Details View:

  • Added workout type/date to Workout Details label so you can see the workout in view on all tabs




  • One-step workout adding. Drag a workout or add it manually and go directly to the QuickView
  • Fixed issue that prevented the pop-up for copy/paste from appearing or from appearing slowly.
  • Significantly improved copy/paste speed

Left-side library:

  • The classic workout library– Workouts (Classic), are now found under “Workout, Options button”.
  • Completely revised the look of the left-hand libraries to show more information without having to horizontal scroll. Also using a “more details-fewer details” scheme for all libraries.
  • Added distinct sorting options for the libraries People library – Now see “last planned workout” automatically updated and viewable directly without having to go to another screen

General improvements:

  • Power zones are now stored per workout for improved historical accuracy and greater flexibility. This means all your historical zone labels, time in zone and zone range are stored permanently for every workout.
  • Added a visual confirmation of the logged in user Added separate sections for Meals, Foods, VirtualCoach and ATP (Annual Training Plan)



3/23/2010 - Device Agent v3.0(b24), download new build here

  • Fixed Powertap download issue

3/22/2010 - Device Agent v3.0(b23), download new build here

  • Update for SRM PC7 firmware v041209

3/18/2010 - Device Agent v3.0(b22), download new build here

  • Fixed several Powertap download issues
  • Fixed PWX and HRM options in Device selection drop down menu

2/24/2010 - WKO+ v3.0(b45) minor update available, learn more

2/23/2010 - WKO+ v3.0(b44) and Device Agent 3.0(b17) updates available, learn more

2/17/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com build 3.0.20100217: End of Classic Mode

  • Easier to read calendar
  • Color coded workouts by workout type, by planned vs. actual compliance or both learn more
  • Print a week: condensed printing of a week onto a single sheet of paper
  • Dynamic Training Plans learn more
    • Manage one plan that thousands can follow in real-time, perfect for group training, clubs and coaches
  • New Dashboard pods:
    • Longest workout per week (duration)
    • Longest workout per week (distance)
    • Kilojoules per week
    • Micronutrient report
  • Customize meal labels (My Settings, Calendar & Layout, Meal labels tab)
  • Edit a workout's Start Time (Planned) and Start time (Actual) on the QuickView
  • Added comments section to Weekly Goals
  • Improved device file support
  • Improved time zone support
  • Professional Edition
    • Themes: customize the application colors to match your own website, and upload your own header graphics learn more
    • Redirect the "Help" link to point to your own help URL
    • Moved "last planned workout" report to item under Options button in People section
  • Several issue fixes

1/13/2010 - TrainingPeaks.com build 3.0.13213

  • All new left navigation, provides more vertical space when used on small monitors
  • Private Messaging between coaches and clients, with actual email notice
  • Search workouts (full period of record, with filters)
  • Coach profile settings
    • set default hr and power zones for your clients
    • set your location
    • set account login redirects
    • set your coach directory information
  • Sync your TP.com calendar with Oultook, Google Calendar, iCal, or others using .ics (webcal) real-time feed URL
  • Calendar features
    • Hide workouts in bulk
    • Lock workouts in bulk
    • Move in bulk
    • Insert days/weeks in between existing workouts
    • Move workouts or meals (select one type for bulk changes)
  • Nutrition Spreadsheet view (non-editable)
  • Enter a link with http:// and it will be clickable on the QuickView and private messaging
  • Time in heart rate zones pod
  • Time in heart rate zones by week pod
  • Mean Max Power pod now has datagrid (tabular) view
  • Select your default library section upon start-up, or select to close the left-side libraries
  • Supports Schwinn MPower indoor spin bike data uploads
  • Race Reports pod on the Dashboard
  • Classic-mode file library download
  • Improved WKO+ 3.0 download
  • Advanced Route Export - choose smoothing and grade min/max when converting to other formats
  • Export workout history as .csv file
  • Improved password recovery system
  • New coach directory
  • Issue Fixes:
    • Upload and download attachments
    • Updated system generated emails to be CAN-SPAM compliant
    • Credit cards can be updated properly now


12/16/2009 - Our desktop analysis software, WKO+ 3.0 Released! Includes new Device Agent 3.0

11/19/2009 - build 3.0.11083

  • *VirtualCoach has arrived!
    • Create an ATP, then click the VirtualCoach button to get workout suggestions
    • Remember, the best way to use TrainingPeaks is with a coach or trainer , but for a very low cost alternative that provides solid guidance, look no further.
  • *Share training plans and exercise libraries that you own with anyone
  • *Export any manually created route, or any route you created from a GPS file as:
    • Garmin course (.tcx) - Upload to your Garmin so it can navigate you during the workout
    • CompuTrainer Course (.crs) - Bring outdoor rides inside!
    • CompuTrainer 3D course (.3dc) - True turn-for-turn and elevation profile simulation indoors!
    • GPX (.gpx)
    • Google Earth (.kml)
    • TACX trainer (.pgmf) -simulate courses on your TACX trainer
  • New public profile pages
  • Professionals have an improved interface for managing client categories
  • Improved pop-up interfaces for people and training sections, now using standard buttons
  • Various issue fixes, including the following:
    • fixed imports for Runner's World users that were breaking
    • fixed issue when copying workouts with attachments causing disappearing attachment
    • fixed issue when cloning plans with attachments causing disappearing attachments
    • fixed issue with meal and workout start times causing change of date
    • recurring billing payment information can now be updated again from within an account
    • laps and splits pod lap duration now correctly matching lap duration in Graph summary
    • multiple minor fixes with certain device file types not populating fields in Pods on uploads, including:
      • .hrm files with large recording rates
      • appended iBike files
*VirtualCoach, File Exports and sharing of libraries and plans are all features for premium subscribers only.

11/2/2009 - build 3.0.10810

  • Added drag and drop to Day View
  • Added View Day button on QuickView
  • Improved the "fewer details" list view of routes
  • Fixed ATP actual hours in list view
  • Fixed flash debug errors when dragging routes in public views
  • Fixed and improved new Dashboard layouts, enabling easier drag and drop of new pods
  • Fixed issue with non-UBC coaches being mis-identified as UBC enabled


10/29/2009 - build 3.0.10766

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP). Fully revamped and easier to use, with graph view and interactive drag to change weekly times. Easier, faster. Find it under the "Training" section on the left, click the "Templates" dropdown, then pick ATP.
    • Coaches can use their own period naming convention (My Settings, ATP)
  • Day View - All new Day View is now your "all in one place" for recording or viewing workouts/meals. See everything in one place including:
    • Daily Metrics
    • Weekly Goals
    • Workouts, with expanded set/rep/interval view
    • Nutrition
    • Daily Chart
    • Routes
  • Workout QuickView now allows you to drag routes directly onto it
  • Meal QuickView now allows you to drag foods directly onto it for building a meal
  • Customize your default view upon login. Goto My Settings, Calendar & Layout, you can now choose to have the Calendar, Spreadsheet or Dashboard as your default view upon login. Also, choose your default Calendar view (day, week or month)
  • Customize the information you see on the Summary Column on the Calendar's month view.
  • Weekly Goals ported to the Calendar, look for a check-mark on the summary column of the month view.
  • Structured workout improvements:
    • re-order sets as needed
    • custom zone substitution for actual values when using HR or PWR zones. For example, prescrbing a workout in "heart rate zone 2" will display to the client/user as "heart rate zone 2 (145-158)
    • Structured workouts with zones can be saved in your workout library and applied to any user
  • Welcome Pod on the Dashboard... explains how to use pods and customize Dashboard
  • Revamped calculation engine for processing uploaded data files
    • Drastically improved "altitude gain" calculation
    • Improved gap and data-dropout handling
  • Structured workout details and extensions now included in Daily Emails
  • Several issue fixes, including:
    • applying a training plan now keeps "planned start time" for workouts
    • clicking "completed as planned" no longer overwrites planned duration/distance
    • international time zone support improved
    • corrected issue with marking a meal as consumed in Quick View not sticking
    • over reporting volume of duration in speed distribution pod corrected
    • Route History pod accessible again
    • corrected display issue with Meal Time in Detailed View
    • corrected issue where cursor disappeared under certain circumstances after editing a route
    • deleting workout from Spreadsheet no longer results in oops error
  • Instructional text added to initial view of left-side section


9/22/2009 - build 3.0.10407

  • Refined the user interface, reduced clutter, added simple menu system where appropriate
  • Fixed two key loading issues that caused the app to hang on "initializing" and sometimes not to load the appropriate color scheme
  • Revamped Spreadsheet view
    • Faster editing
    • Search now looks in all text fields and displays results only (instead of highlighting by default)
  • Vertical separator has cleaner style. One-click to close left side accordians, drag to re-open
  • Log Daily Metrics from the Calendar
    • Revamped daily metrics logging form (easier and faster)
    • Small icon added to Calendar to show on which days metrics have been recorded
  • Graph daily metrics over time on the Dashboard
    • Graph any two metrics on the same pod
    • Add multiple pods to track multiple metrics
  • Combined "Settings" and "Preferences" into a single dialog to make finding options easier
    • Added a "Start" screen with instructional videos for the major features
  • Removed "Journal" tab
    • workouts or meals are now opened full screen for editing in a "detailed view"
  • Removed the word "Perspectives" and simply refer to the view customization as "pod layouts"
  • Several new pods added:
    • Grocery List (Dashboard) - Basic and Premium
    • Route History (Dashboard) - Premium only
    • Daily Metrics Graphing (Dashboard) - Premium only
    • Mean Max Cadence - Premium only
    • Mean Max Heart Rate - Premium only
    • Mean Max Speed - Premium only
    • Cadence distribution - Premium only
  • Major updates to the file viewer/graphing engine on the detailed workout view:
    • Ability to show "All Data", so spikes and troughs are not lost and chart data doesn't change on chart resize
    • Ability to turn on / off Interpolation of the series (interpolation will only occur if the series has < 85% valid points)
    • Single points (e.g. from Garmin 310XT elevation, where having a null, then a point, then a null, is common) are now displayed as single dots, where before they were just invisible
    • Ability to choose the data visible in the Laps picker area (duration, distance, start / stop, speed, power, etc)
    • New section for "Bests", where user can choose to see the top values for Speed, Cadence, Power, Heart Rate on the graph (very similar to WKO+)
    • Highlighted bests drawn as a different color than laps, so they don't get confused.
  • Routes can now be exported to Google Maps or Google Earth (KML)
  • Fixed several international time zone issues for Australia and New Zealand users
  • Professional Edition "Last planned workout" report (click Options button in the People section)
  • QuickView refinements
    • Changed View on Journal to "View all details" button at bottom
    • Now displays a paper-clip when there is an attachment, click paperclip to download from QuickView
    • Added start time of workout to title bar
    • Pre-activity comments only show for a coach (Professional Edition user) or if they have been filled out (similar to classic mode).
  • Fixed/improved the nutrition search, especially for finding raw foods like eggs and apples
  • Clicking divider bar closes "left-side" accordian section, drag it to resize again
  • Improved .wko file reading on server, now view self-created ranges when uploading from WKO+
  • Added CTS Running heart rate zones, added Durata training zones
  • Improved Route Builder interface for details view
    • Crop a route
    • Cleaner interface for Details view
    • Faster
  • Improved new food data-entry form, add micronutrients, uses full-screen
  • Search foods by micronutrient content or by name
  • Several nutrition issue fixes for partial serving size calculations and meal building
  • Select All option for picking clients for bulk download of files
  • Added better route searching (based on popularity)
  • Fixed issues with healthvault sync and updated to newest version of HealthVault sdk
  • New billing reports for Professional Edition users (daily usage, training plan sales, library sales)

8/18/2009 - build 3.0.9888

  • Professional Edition now can manage post-workout email notifications
  • Mileage on equipment now shows properly in Equipment tab on QuickView
  • Added CTS heart rate zone calculator
  • Usability enhancements for copy/paste
  • Improved reliability of structured workouts and routines for distance and duration
  • Various issue fixes


8/14/2009 - build 3.0.9847: Routes, Printing

  • Routes: Massive overhaul of routes and all new public route database
    • Build routes manually using "follow roads" or a combination of "follow roads" and "manual" entry
    • Interactive elevation profile for ALL routes, see the grade of any hill
    • Drag routes to your Calendar for logging or planning.
    • Searchable public route database, search by elevation gained, sport type, surface type, distance, location
    • Map-based search interface for finding routes near you or near where you are going to be (hotels etc.)
    • Share routes via Facebook, Twitter, Email or with a URL
    • Create routes from a GPS file in any of your workouts
    • Drag any route's point on the map to re-design the route
    • Coaches can view client's routes and can schedule workouts based on your clients location
    • Comment and rate any route, tell us your experience when you did that ride or run
  • Calendar Printing
    • Display a printable view of your workouts or meals
    • Printout includes structured intervals / exercises
    • Select date range, show heart rate and power zones on printout
    • Choose paged or non-paged printout options
    • Includes coaches/affiliates logo on each page
  • Improved fonts, clearer and larger
  • Moved "My Settings" to top of page
  • New Notification Bar at the top of the application for system notes, tips and announcements


7/1/2009 - build 3.0.9202 (mostly issue fixes on this release)

  • Bulk download of device files
  • Sharing in Twitter or Facebook now uses a short URL like: http://tpks.ws/T34J . We chose tpks.ws as it loosly stands for "TrainingPeaks Web Service"
  • The QuickView now has proper tab-order
  • Rounding of certain planned or actual durations no longer occasionally adds or loses a second
  • Deleting workouts with pending data no longer causes oops error
  • Food quantities no longer change when changing the quantity and meal time
  • Calories are calculated & displayed properly when manually entering a workout duration
  • Average speeds/pace now match between Stats pod and Graph pod
  • Improved compatibility for Suunto T6 and T6c
  • Download device files directly from the QuickView
  • Fixed issue with Calories pod not showing consumed calories properly
  • Added better error messaging to Professional Edition when adding a client
  • Fixed lap names from certain devices that said "null", now says Lap 1, Lap 2 etc.
  • Changed name of "Demo Strength Library" to "Basic Strength Library" (more appropriate)


6/10/2009 - build 3.0.8861

  • Added Public View preferences to My Settings/Personal Info tab
  • Added Email options to My Settings/Account tab to select your nightly email delivery time and opt-in to our newsletter
  • Fixed issue with scrolling the month view of the calendar by multiple weeks (horizontal arrow controls)
  • Fixed calculation issue on Workout Journal Graph that showed negative averages for long workouts
  • Added client sign-up link for the "New Client" form in Professional Edition
  • QuickView "Exercises" tab renamed to "Exercises & Intervals" to better describe its functionality
  • Adding a new structured exercise or interval now launches directly to the editor window
  • Viewing Calendar & Spreadsheet together now honors selected date range for Spreadsheet charts


6/1/2009 - build 3.0.8756

  • Added Training Distance by Week/Day Pod to the Dashboard
  • Added Training Duration by Week/Day Pod to the Dashboard
  • Issue fixes on certain structured exercises
  • New exercise libraries from Gray Institute and Hunter Allen


5/21/2009 - build 3.0.8663

  • Improved user interface for building structured workouts
  • Improved QuickView with exercises, equipment and easier data entry
  • Build plans with workouts AND meals together
  • Add and track Bikes and Shoes (Equipment)
  • Customize the instructions you want to use on each structured workout, by type
  • Added CTS Power zone calculator
  • Improved interface for Workout Journal - now two tabs "Details" & "Maps & Graph"
  • Customize View with improved Pods library
  • Exercise Library Store- buy bundles of exercises to use for building workouts for yourself or clients
  • Changed left side Accordian, added Plans, Pods & Store as a single accordian
  • Training Plans and Meal Plans now under its own Accordian
  • Improved handling of null samples in graph when uploading from devices
  • Improved Perspective manager (perspectives are groups of pods that you can customize as needed to customize your view)
  • Updated overall interface to be more consistent for colors and button bars
  • Removed "People" accordian in Personal Edition


4/30/2009 - Build 3.0.8417

  • Structured Workouts -what are they?
    • Build intervals and create workouts with set/rep/weight
    • Create your own Libraries of workouts with your own classification and categorization (Filter group and filters)
    • Attach files to workouts permanently
    • Add Video to any workout from our existing Libraries of video (Have a media library? Conact us so we can build a library for you)
  • Template Builder - Create workouts, exercises and routines
    • Exercises = single exercise with instructions and video (bench press)
    • Routines = groups of exerices each with instructions and optional video (abs routine)
    • Workouts = collection of exercises and/or routines with an overall descirpiton and instruction (core workout with warmup, cooldown and multiple instructions)
    • Create custom Libraries containing your workouts
  • Revamped Calendar
    • All new look and feel
    • Faster
    • Larger fonts
    • Easier navigation
    • Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete totally rebuilt for reliability, use Alt and Ctrl key to select then copy/paste
  • Improved Spreadsheet
    • Now see the entire workout description in each cell, no more scrolling
    • Larger easier to read font
    • All days show by default
    • Issue fixes
  • Removed HTML from workout descripitons, comments and post-activity comments (better support throughout all applications)
  • All New QuickView
    • Faster, easier to use
    • Direct cut/copy/paste/delete
    • Upload a device file from QuickView
    • Download a device file from QuickView
    • Directly edit Description/Comments/Post-Activity Comments
    • Direct edit of planned and actual times
  • Application Preferences improved and usable from anywhere in the application, see "Preferences" link at top of screen
  • User Settings easier to manage
  • Mobile Application
    • Now available for Beta testing, contact us for this initial invite only application, premium subscribers only



3/13/2009 - Build 3.0.7814

  • Added workout labels for Activity Comments (coach's comments) and Post Activity Comments in addition to Description
  • Public file viewer displays a loading bar on start-up
  • Basic printing on Calendar for workouts
  • Modified speed units for running on the list view to display as pace
  • Autofilling the calories burned on a workout when a duration is entered and nutrition preferences are set.
  • Corrected the formatting of the durations (for specific sport types) on the week summary on month view of calendar
  • AutoMerge(tm) of device files from separate devices upon upload- Premium feature only
    • using the time/date stamp in each file, we create a 3rd merged file of all channels
  • Peak Power Values automatically calculated and entered as ranges on Laps/Splits pod and Graph Pod
  • Laps/Splits now visible for all file types except .wko files
  • Auto compress all file types on upload (gzip)
  • Using stream for upload to lower memory usage instead of byte-array
  • Fixed mean-max pod scrollbar issue
  • Improved HTML compatibility on Calendar and Spreadsheet (now supporing < or > in a workout description)
  • Allow for device files to be uploaded with no actual samples (timex and WKO manual entry Issue fix)
  • Week Summary on Calendar now shows times using hh:mm:ss instead of decimal hours
  • Added a check to allow professional users to re-submit credit card for outstanding invoices


2/4/2009 - Build 3.0.7324

  • Nutrition Preferences and Calorie and RMR Calculators (click person, Preferences, Nutrition prefs)
  • Manage Client Categories (add new/edit/delete)
  • Sharing now supported to Facebook, Google Earth, Google Maps and via Email
  • Import clients with existing accounts (from personal edition or professional edition)
  • Power Zones more easily edited
  • Client can now disconnect themselves from a Coach
  • Exporting uploaded data file from Journal
  • Route builder auto-starts edit mode
  • Highlight on Graph Pod now highlights the Map Pod area
  • Pods now automatically adjust sizes on Journal
  • Update credit card info for recurring UBC option



  • Colorized workouts now visible on Calendar (Menu: Workouts -> Colorized Workouts)
    • White: no workout on given day
    • Blue: workout exists
    • Green: Actual time +- 20% of planned time
    • Yellow: Actual time between 50%-79% or 121-150% of completed time
    • Red: not completed or actual time less than 50% of planned time or greater than 150% of planned time
  • Changed library to use custom data grids for display, no more "folders"
  • Changed "edit/add" feature in Libraries to pop-out to the right rather than slide down
  • Library data-grid keeps first column "fixed" and allows scrollable or expandable view
  • Add Map Pod to show GPS routes on Journal
  • Add Route Builder functionality under Training section (manual route building or create from file)
    • drag routes onto calendar for planning
    • drag routes onto empty Map pod on journal to attach route to non-GPS workout
  • Add Graph Pod for device data file analysis (WKO+ style analysis now on the web)
    • highlight ranges, see summary values
    • see laps/splits automatically (currently, laps supported only on Garmin, PowerTap and SRM)
  • Added additional information to "people pop-up" details window (client type, owner etc.)
  • Unlimited Basic Client (UBC) feature released for Professionals
    • upgrade to unlimited option
    • add clients as basic or premium
  • Assistants now visible and searchable in People Library
  • Clients of Assistants now visible in People Library
  • Old-style "groups" no longer supported (use client categories)
  • Old-style "lite" clients no longer supported
  • Adding clients to holding pen no longer supported, use client categories and UBC instead
  • WKO+: Updated and easier licensing system
  • WKO+: www.cyclingpeakssoftware.com website now redirected to TrainingPeaks.com
  • Nutrition: Fixed serving size Issue and quantity setting Issue
  • Calendar: Fixed copy workout, now properly copies planned distance and 'activity comments'
  • Changed Pod menu structure on Journal: Basic, HR, Power, Map- Graph & Files


  • Training Plan Store: Search or Browse all plans, then purchase and apply from within app
  • Training plans now visible under "Training, Plans" in Library
  • apply, delete, re-apply, move training plans
  • Weekly summary now appears as option under "Weeks" menu on Calendar
  • Support for 5 more languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese
  • Improved loading time and faster response times by almost 2x
  • Enable more options for Calendar display: Show/Hide icons, show workout type, Week Summary box
  • Added icons to each Library accordian option


  • Device Agent for Mac now supports SRM PC VI
  • Device Agent for PC's and WKO+ now support Polar RS 800CX
  • TP.com 3.0 supports Timex Race Trainer


  • Post Workout Notification Emails now contain a link to File Viewer (Pro Ed. only)


  • Select multiple labels for workouts on Calendar
  • Expanded Workout Description label for Calendar
  • Settings remembered for Calendar weeks and labels
  • Settings remembered for Library, search and display criteria
  • Add a Client (professional edition)
  • Updated Calendar to cleaner look and feel
  • People now in tree view in Library (professional edition)
  • Build a Meal
  • Make favorites on Meal Builder for each food
  • Add meals to Calendar
  • Create meals and save to Meal library
  • Improved Laps and Splits Pod (Journal)
  • Mean Max Curve with Comparison (Journal)
  • Mean Max Curve with Comparison (Dashboard)
  • Improved Daily Calories Pod and Calorie Balance (Dashboard)
  • Change workout type (Journal)
  • Faster Dashboard rendering
  • Files Pod now accepts file attachements (ie, word docs, excel docs, pictures, etc.)



  • Various Issue Fixes
  • Optimized loading time and increased overall speed of app
  • Nutrition Favorites functionality added
  • Cloning and editing of foods in Nutritiion Library added
  • .NET 3.5 library for server systems



  • Introduction of Spreadsheet View (sort columns, re-order, search, find, edit-in-place, quick view, color coding, rich editing)
  • Menu options moved to top for easier navigation
  • Added "View File" button to Files pod on Journal for launching the File Viewer chart
  • Changed button bar to Tabs
  • Improved weekly and daily summary pop-ups on Calendar
  • Improved reliability of quick-view
  • Improved Laps and Splits pod, grid view and coloring
  • Improved Meal Builder, made removing food consistent using "x" icon
  • Changed "Home" accordian to "People"
  • Enhanced reliability of calendar/dashboard and dual calendar view
  • Various Issue fixes



  • Enhanced interface for viewing/editing workouts, Pods on the Calendar. View Journal Pods on top of Calendar.
  • Calendar functionality changes: one-click workout to select, double-click to open Pod, click green "arrow" on pop-up Pod to open in full Journal
  • Improved File upload Pod, now also has attachments (word docs, excel etc)
  • Improved Home Library, customizable, searchable, sortable
  • Training Library has better search and sort
  • Nutrition Library has better search and sort
  • Training Plans supported now for Pro Edition users, load a plan to multiple accounts
  • Improved Laps and Splits Pod, customize data
  • Consistent colors across application (power = magenta, fat = yellow etc)
  • Free vs. Premium modes distinction
  • Upgrade to Premium functionality (submit payment)
  • Preferences are now in a pop-up window when hovering on a name of a user in the Home Library
  • Preferences "main tab" in upper right hand section of account has been removed
  • Recalculate data function from uploaded file now working on Files Pod
  • Professional Edition user settings accessed via pop-up utility when hovering on Professional Edition user's name
  • Hovering over Day or Week selection boxes in calendar now displays planned duration for that date/time range
  • Calendar date range navigation options are now all centerally located at the top of the Calendar





  • TrainingPeaks.com Version 3.0 Beta released!

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