TrainingPeaks WKO+ v3.0

Navigate within the WKO+ v3.0 Help Center using the menu to the left, or click on one of the quick links below. 

Here are just a few of the features you will find in WKO+ v3.0:

  • Quadrant AnalysisDiscover how your muscular strength plays a role in producing wattage.  One click to quadrant analysis allows you to see detail than ever about how you 'created' the watts.  


  • Multi-File/Range Analysis- Want to Overlay workouts on top of each other?  Want to compare hill repeats to each other, on the same screen?   Multi-File/Range Analysis will do this for you and more.   Want a Multi-File Quadrant Analysis?  Here it is too!


  • Power Profiling- All new with the latest data from Dr. Andrew R. Coggan and Hunter Allen, incorporating the best files in the world and allowing you to compare yourself against the best.   Now, with the ability to see your 20 minute power as well.


  • Direct Download from  - You can now download data from your account quickly and from within WKO+!  If you are a coach, you can download multiple athletes at the same time. 

  • Key metrics to help you with training-  Training Stress Score, Normalized Power, Running Training Stress Score, Normalized Graded Pace. -  We have pioneered Power training with key metrics since 2003, and we are leading the way with key metrics for triathletes and runners now.  Have a GPS device?  Here's where you can utilize it to the fullest. 


  • Perspectives- SPORT SPECIFIC CHARTS- For all you Multi-Sport athletes out there, you can click on the Perspectives button and view the perspective for your given sport.  Want to see JUST your running charts?  Then click on the Runner perspective.


  • Performance Management Chart:  When will you peak?  Is your training load high enough?  Should you start tapering now for that big event? Scientifically designed, the Performance Management Chart (PMC) is a revolution in modeling and predicting peak performance.  With PMC, you'll better understand what it takes to be 'on form', and how to stay there.  Segregate your charts based on Cycling or Running.  Perfect for the Multi-Sport athlete. Learn how to balance your training load like never before.  If you are ready for the next level, then this is your chart.

  • Direct Download Training Devices:  No need to import and export and jump through hoops. Bring in your workout direct from your Power Meter or Training Device using our Free Device Agent. We currently support direct download into WKO+ v3.0 for the following devices:
    • CycleOps PowerTap
    • Garmin Edge 205/305
    • Garmin Edge 500
    • Garmin Edge 605/705
    • Garmin Forerunner 50 
    • Garmin Forerunner 60
    • Garmin Forerunner 205/305
    • Garmin Forerunner 310XT
    • Garmin Forerunner 405
    • Garmin Forerunner 405CX
    • SRM Powercontrol V
    • SRM Powercontrol VI
    • SRM Powercontrol 7
    • TrainingPeaks PWX
    • TrainingPeaks WKO+
    • ... More coming soon, including:
      • Ergomo Pro, Sport, Spin
    • Click here to see our complete list of compatible devices (both direct and indirect compatible) for all TrainingPeaks products and the exact specs.

  • Bulk Import training data files: We can import Power-Tap™(.csv) , SRM™ (.srm and .txt), Polar© (.hrm), Velodyne (.txt), Velotron, Garmin Forerunner and EDGE,LeMond G-Force, even Computrainer™ CS(.3dp) and (.txt) files! 
    • No more Excel Macros to convert your data!
    • EASILY "bulk import" all of your data into TrainingPeaks WKO+
    • Reads Garmin Training Center History (*.hst or *.tcx) files
    • Put all of your data from previous workouts into TrainingPeaks WKO+ with the click of a few buttons!

  • Re-Arrange Graphs on Athlete Home Page : You can arrange the graphs on the Athlete Home page as you wish. Just click in the title bar of each graph and drag it to the location you want it. It's that easy!

  • Garmin GPS Direct Download and Export to Google Earth: Now you can easily direct download your Garmin™ EDGE 205/305/405/705 or Forerunner 301/205/305 GPS device. Take advantage of TrainingPeaks WKO+ to really dig in to your workout. Unrivaled interval analysis, graphing and power let you visualize your fitness! Import your entire history. Supports reading of Training Center .hst files. Also supports exporting .gpx files, great for Real3D or CRS users.  If you download data from a Garmin Forerunner or EDGE, you can seamlessly view your entire workout, or just a highlighted section in Google Earth with a simple right-click. Create a range, right click and send it to Google Earth. AMAZING!

  • Why Should I Upgrade to WKO+ v3.0? 
    • Listen to Hunter Allen explain the benefits of upgrading for athletes:  CLICK HERE!
    • Listen to Hunter Allen explain the benefits of upgrading for coaches:  CLICK HERE!


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