TrainingPeaks Android App

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Get TrainingPeaks on your Android!

  • The App is available to Basic and Premium level Athlete Edition TrainingPeaks users, as well as Coach Edition users
  • Supported on devices running Android 4.0 and higher.

Using another smart phone?

  • Other smart phones (not including Blackberry), access TrainingPeaks through our mobile site

Some of the great features of the iPhone App:

  • Integrated Calendar gives you the most up to date information from your account
  • Summary charts for duration, TSS, distance and sport type
  • Access to your Workout Libraries
  • Coaches can access their clients

If you have specific suggestions or problems with the app, please Submit a ticket to our Support Team .

For FAQs please click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question and cannot find the answer? Find your answer or submit a support ticket in our customer support center.