Direct Downloading Options for CycleOps Devices

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Click the link below to watch a video on how to download your Powertap device to WKO with a USB Serial Cradle:

Powertap Download to WKO+



1) Downloading a Powertap using the USB cradle

PT USB Cradle.gif

These instructions are the same for both WKO+ and Windows Device Agent.  Follow these steps in this EXACT order to download your Powertap to WKO+, or Device Agent:

  1. You need to go download and install the Powertap Poweragent software from the powertap website (, as it contains the drivers for the download cradle.
  2. Make sure that all programs are closed and that you disconnect the USB cable when installing Poweragent; Once installed you do not need to run Poweragent.
  3. Next, make sure all training related software is closed (including the Powertap Poweragent software and Device Agent).
  4. Open WKO+ or Device Agent.
  5. Plug in your Powertap download cradle ONLY! to your computer. Wait for your computer to detect it is installed.
  6. If using WKO+, click the 'Download (Ctrl+D)' icon which will launch Device Agent. If using Device Agent, continue to step 7.
  7. Once in Device Agent, select CycleOps Powertap as the Device.
  8. Then select the correct Port which is USB Serial Port with the COM number in parenthesis.
  9. Snap your Powertap headunit ALL THE WAY in to your download cradle and turn it on (the Powertap screen should say "Host").
  10. Click "Download from Device".

For more information on using Device Agent, please see our Support Center's page on 'Using the Device Agent'.

  • Troubleshooting tips:
    • To see if your USB download cradle driver is installed correctly, plug your download cradle into your computer, then go to the Windows Control Panel, go to the section about Hardware, and open the Device Manager. Open "Universal Serial Bus controllers", then double click on "USB Serial Converter". Click on the Advanced tab, and make sure the Load VCP box is checked. See the below picture:

powertap usb drivers.gif




2) Downloading a Powertap using the Serial Download Cradle

PT Serial Cradle.gif


These instructions are the same for both WKO+ and Windows Device Agent:

If you are having troubles downloading to WKO+ from your Powertap via the Serial cradle with a third party USB adapter, the issue may be the drivers (or the lack there of). WKO+ neither ships nor installs any device drivers (drivers are little software packets that allow external devices, like the download cradle, to "talk the same language" as your computer) for the PowerTap or an third party USB adapters.

!!Please note, this is straight from the Powertap website (sorry, but Powertap is forcing this change)-
Serial Cradle Users
  • PLEASE NOTE: PowerAgent 7.1.1 no longer supports Serial Device Communication. USB Download Cradles can be purchased on our website or over the phone. If you do not want to purchase a USB Cradle, you may continue to use PowerAgent 7.0.1.

That said, you do not need a driver to use just the Powertap Serial Cradle with WKO+. If, however, you have no serial ports on your computer then you may purchase a special cable referred to as a USB-to-Serial Converter cable from your local electronics or computer supply store. This special cable may require the installation of special driver software. You should follow the directions that came from the cable's manufacturer in order to successfully complete installation. Cables from Prolific (popularly sold by Best Buy and other computer stores) and KeySpan have been successfully used by many of our customers in the past. However, because the use of third party adapters inserts another layer of complexity, we can only provide a limited level of troubleshooting support.


Once you have the correct drivers installed, make sure all training related software is closed (including the Powertap Poweragent software), open WKO+, go to the WKO+ Home, plug in your Powertap download cradle, in Application Settings select Powertap as the Training Device Type (by clicking once on the white space to the right of Training Device Port, then use the drop down menu that appears), then select the correct Training Device Port (the right one will have text in parenthesis off to the right of the com number), now open the athlete profile you want to download to, turn on your Powertap headunit and plug it into your download cradle (the Powertap screen should say "Host"), open the file menu and click "Training Device Download", then click "Start Download".

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