How to Upload a File

There are four different ways to upload data files from electronic training devices into your TrainingPeaks account. Files may be uploaded to either a Basic (Free) or Premium Personal Edition account.

Four Ways to Upload Data:

  1. TrainingPeaks WKO+. Synchronize data from TrainingPeaks WKO+ desktop analysis software. To see how to upload data from WKO+ CLICK HERE

  2. TrainingPeaks Device Agent. The Device Agent is a free download and is offered in both PC and Mac versions. To download and learn more about the Device Agent click here.

  3. Upload from the Quick View. You can manually upload a device file to your account from the Quick View on the Calendar.  Use the manufacturer's software that came with your device to download the data file from the device. Once you have downloaded your device (each device is different, so consult your specific device's owner's manual), and you have saved it to your computer (we recommend saving it to an easy to remember location, like your desktop), then you can upload the file within the Quick View by clicking the "Upload new device file" button, then select the correct file to upload.


  4. Upload from the Item Picker. You can manually upload a device file to your account from item picker by clicking on the + on any day on your calendar and when the item picker window appears using the Upload Device File button there under workouts.  As indicated in option 3 above, browse to the file saved from your device manufacturer software to upload it to that day.  If the workout file contains workout type information this will be set for you automatically.




Once you have uploaded a file successfully there will be two main tabs in the File Viewer to be used to display the Map/Graph Profile or Reports sections.

Have a question and cannot find the answer? No problem! Just submit a support ticket and we're happy to help.

Have a question and cannot find the answer? Find your answer or submit a support ticket in our customer support center.